Saturday, July 29, 2006

Hello, folks.

New site

I have started working on my music site again. Starting with this news page, I'll be gradually rolling the whole site over to this new style.

As well as a new look, this new site is also created differently. It's written in Python (TurboGears) instead of PHP, and the source code is available as a Bazaar branch here. If you want to see more of my technical side, see Code Stuff.

New idea

I'm thinking of running posting a series of open stage reviews. Back when I was hosting open stages, that would have been a conflict of interest. But now I'm free, and interested in checking out new places. Does that tickle anyone's fancy? Let me know.

New band

I have joined a band, temporarily branded "The Core". This is Dominic Major's band. The other members are Dominic von Riedemann, Sarah J. Ternoway, Simon Loban, and Derek Stroud.

Old band

Albert Anyone has lost its bass player, Bill Kimberly. But we do have some ideas as to who might satisfy our low-frequency needs. And yes, we're aware of the spam problem on the site.