Review: The Savannah Lounge Open Stage

Review of the Open Stage at the Savannah Room.

Review: The Loons Jam

Review of the Jam at Loons.

Review: The Degrassi House Jam

Review of the Jam at Degrassi House.

The Open Stage Experience

My discovery of the open stage scene, and why it rocks.

The First Public Performance

I debuted on flute more than two years ago at the Spit Fridays open stage. But that was just the start of the evening's performance. . .

The First Gig

After more than two years perfoming at open stages, I finally got a gig. Every musician only gets one first gig. Considering the horror stories I've heard, I think I got off easy.

Hosting an Open Stage

On July 5, 1999, Kevin Quain suddenly fell ill and couldn't host his open stage. When it landed in my lap, I enjoyed hosting for the evening.