Degrassi House Jam

I went to the Degrassi House Jam on July 25, 2006. Degrassi House was formerly Oasis, or "Oasis East", as we used to call it [1]. I was once there when Suzanne De Bussac was hosting.

This time, my drummer Jamie Tanner and John Kirkley were there. It was a very small group: two or three lead performers, a bass player, a host. The atmosphere was pretty relaxed and friendly. I'd brought my Les Paul, so I felt right at home with the band crowd.

On the plus side, they didn't seem to care how loud we were; we could really rock out. The downside was that the sound wasn't managed very well. There was a lot of feedback, some quite harsh tones on the vocals, and too much reverb. The monitors weren't loud enough to make the performance feel present.

But they do have a cool Doctor Who pinball machine.

Reasons to go: You want to perform with your drummer, you live in the east end, you're a pinball wizard, you want to rock out.

Reasons to stay away: You are too poor for $6 pints, you have a low tolerance for feedback, you want to network.

Would I go again? Yes.

location East end (Queen & Broadview)
crowd less than 10, mostly on stage
atmosphere Casual, friendly
sound Sub-par
noise Loud is good
extras Drum kit, amp
beer $6 / pint
[1]Apparently, they called the Spadina Oasis "Oasis North". I guess "Oasis South" must be Rock Oasis where I go rock-climbing, but I'm damned if I know what "Oasis West" was. That clothing donation place?