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Panoramic Feedback
This site, related to The Leader's Coach below, is a 360° Feedback service. As Manager of Information Technology, my largest effort went into the custom CGI that allows users to generate their own forms. The Java+JavaScript+FormMail+Eudora Filters+Baling Wire+Duct Tape solution we had used previously is now a thing of the past.

Aaron Bentley: Man of Music
It had to happen sooner or later, and now it finally has: I've got my own music page. On this weekly-updated site, you can be a part of all the fun and excitement of being a songwriter with no gigs!

Tony Hightower
Tony and I codesigned this site about him, and the music he makes. He runs it--I help out. We're both quite proud of the splash page.

The Leader's Coach
My father and step-mother are leadership coaches. They help organizational leaders -- like executives -- become better leaders. I run their web site.

The Leslie Spit Treeo
This web page, devoted to a great Canadian band, is getting more popular all the time. I especially admire their determination to succeed despite all the obstacles that life has thrown their way. The site also serves as a testbed for my experiments in web design

Guitar Chord Chart
There are a ton of stupid-looking guitar chord charts on the web. This one looks decent, loads quicky, and is more convenient than most.

Posterboard was to be a music listing for Toronto music, with a distinctive look. But the more I thought about it, the harder (and more expensive) it looked. Maybe when I get a T1.

Meta was designed to be the Utne Reader of the web. There's plenty of good reading on the internet, but the trick is finding it. Meta was a list of reading worth reading. Still beta at present.

Doctor English
I was the Webmaster and Editor for Doctor English, a service now discontinued.

iNSiTE was my first attempt at a webzine. Its design would now be called Dynamic HTML, but it worked on 2.0 and 3.0 browsers. Realising that I could not provide enough content by myself, I tried to enlist others, failed, and gave up. Note: iNSiTE was thoroughly tested with the 3.0 browsers, but the 4.0 browsers may have trouble with it.

My Crappy Old Home Page
I can't imagine why any thinking person would want to view my old site. But here you go.

My Crappier Older Home Page
This is my first page (it's not even a site). It has a file date of April 16, 1996. 'Nuff said.

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