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This is my bookmark file. My only links page. But how many people actually read these?

Software and Data

Welcome to shareware.com
Shase VSL (Toronto)
Stroud's CWSApps List - Main Menu
The Ultimate Collection of Winsock Software

Computer / Internet Info

Canada Computes
The Computer Paper
Modem Driver Archive
Computer News Daily
The Jargon File 3.2.0
Welcome To HotWired!


Writers' Resources on the Internet
Chat Bookmarks (local)
List of Usenet FAQs
Frenet Bookmark (local)
Carleton Bookmark (remote)
Local Bookmark
Hypertext Webster Interface -- Definition for "quodlibet"
Virtual Newsgroup List
Welcome to LaughWEB
Welcome to Britannica Online
Bartlett, John. 1901. Familiar Quotations
Where to find it on the NET

Eye Candy

Insight's 3-D Gallery!

Surf Time

Netly News
Cool Site of the Day
Funky Site of the Day
(The Spider's Web) The Spider's Pick of the Day
The Cool Word of the Day Page
Netsurfer Digest Home Page

Search Engines and catalogs

PC/Computing's Web Map - Overview

Other Time Wasters

The LaunchPad
The mIRC Homepage - Index
Index of IRC nets

Web Review Cover-Dec.8, 1995
Planet Science
David Siegel's Home Page
The Spot Menu
Schedule of Collisions
Welcome to Rocktropolis!!!
The Museum of Bad Art
Hypertext Webster Interface
Web Review Cover-Dec.8, 1995
UF Libraries - Gator Pond
Bruce Sterling: License to Dream
CNN Interactive
Web Review: Tipsheet
Welcome to NetManage
The Daily, Friday, December 15, 1995
Games - Happy Puppy Games Onramp Game Cheats Page

These are my old LYNX bookmarks.

  1. red-dwarf
  2. magellan
  3. Summary
  4. Online Books and Magazines
  5. msdos
  6. >Mark Gaither has a WWW site too
  7. this
  8. pub
  9. canada
  10. Digital Picture Archive on the 17th floor
  11. pictures
  12. other WWW music
  13. Internet Underground Music Archive
  14. All of Kevin's Tori pointers
  15. SUNET
  16. Special Internet Connections
  17. Cool Site of the Day
  18. Shase Virtual Shareware Library
  19. truetype contains 33 files
  20. World Wide Web Worm
  21. Science fiction resource guide
  22. Link Magazine, University of California, San Diego
  23. 1994 AWARDS
  24. here
  25. Mr Video Productions Home Page
  26. The Netscape Communications Universe
  27. Internet Kit for PC's
  28. Archie Gateway
  29. Gopher Jewels
  30. Internet Resources Meta-Index
  31. Veronica
  32. Views Of The Solar System
  33. America
  34. Animation Gallery
  35. Wall O' Shame
  36. HotWired - New Thinking for a New Medium
  37. [IMAGE]
  40. Mercury Center Home Page
  41. Ask Thomas Jefferson!
  42. Other Good Libertarian Links
  43. Liberty Web
  44. / directory
  45. Shareware Search Engines Front Desk Mirror site, OAK Repository, Oakland University
  46. The Human-Languages Page
  47. Mercury Center Editors' Picks
  48. What's On Tonite!
  49. Four11 Directory Services (SLED)
  50. Boardwatch
  51. Welcome to LaughWEB
  52. Netsurfer Digest
  53. A URL specified by the user
  54. A URL specified by the user
  55. Greggory (Slim) Senechal's HomePage
  56. IRC link Number 1
  57. /pub/asfs directory
  58. The Objectivism WWW Service
  59. POVRAY raytracer pub directory
  60. Links to live Internet chat systems.
  61. HotWired and Wired Privacy Archive: Fight for Your Right to Electronic Privacy!
  62. The Keepers of Lists
  63. The Star Wars Archive Home Page
  64. Index of /acroft/ftp/game/dresden/cracks/
  65. WWW Super Search Several Search Engines on One Page
  66. Games on the Internet
  67. Interplay Productions: Home Page
  68. ftp://ftp.creaf.com/
  69. Games Related Sites
  70. Star Wars Home Page at UPENN
  71. cs
  72. Intellectual Property and the National Information Infrastructure
  73. The World Wide Web Virtual Library: Law
  74. AMG's Directory of Legal Resources
  75. / directory
  76. GNN I-media: Your Information Rights
  77. GNN I-Media Center
  78. Cyberspace and the Law
  79. FBI Aided Computer Cracker
  80. Electronic Frontier Foundation
  81. An editorial from the Wyoming Star-Tribune against S. 314 (3/5/95)
  82. Game Review at The Video Game Lair
  83. File Management
  84. Alt.tv.red-dwarf Homepage
  85. Yahoo!
  86. Melinda's Links
  87. Bartlett, John. 1901. Familiar Quotations
  88. Paul Jacobs' Home Page
  89. PGP FAQ - Part 1
  91. The Cool Word of the Day Page
  92. this
  93. [IMAGE]
  94. This is the Worst
  95. New Particle Discovered by Scientists at MIT
  96. List of USENET FAQs
  97. The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Subject Catalogue
  98. CineMedia/Multimedia Sites
  99. Images
  100. National Capital FreeNet/Libertel de la Capitale nationale
  101. freenet2.carleton.ca
  102. freenet3.carleton.ca
  103. Online Books and Magazines
  104. pub
  105. All of Kevin's Tori pointers
  106. Cool Site of the Day
  107. truetype contains 33 files
  108. World Wide Web Worm
  109. Science fiction resource guide
  110. Bookmark file
  111. Community Networks
  112. Welcome To HotWired!
  113. The Jargon File 3.2.0
  114. virtual
  115. Search The Connector
  116. Funky Site of the Day
  117. (Spider's Web) Spider's Pick of the Day
  118. HOMR - Helpful On-Line Music Recommendation Service
  119. HotWired: Webomatic
  120. VSL Front Desk in Toronto, Canada
  121. Faculty of Engineering, Carleton University
  122. Greggory (Slim) Senechal's HomePage
  123. The ETEXT Archives
  124. Links to various things
  125. Newsgroup
  126. Mr. Spock quotes
  127. List of USENET FAQs
  128. ftp.uwp.edu:/pub/msdos/romulus
  129. msdos directory
  130. The Computer Paper
  132. Welcome to ZD Net
  133. The Whole Internet Catalog
  134. The WWW Virtual Library: Computing, Programming Languages
  135. The Movie Sounds Page
  136. Computer News Daily
  137. News of the Weird Archive
  138. WWW-VL: Writers' Resources On The Web
  139. CoastLine
  140. Scott's List of Other DOOM Sites
  141. CyberGamer's Gaming World!
  142. ftp.cdrom.com
  143. Games Domain - Games related information site
  144. Modem Driver Archive
  145. BBS Sites on the Internet.
  146. Anarchists BBS
  149. ftp://ftp.digex.net/pub/access/hecker/internet/slip-ppp.txt
  151. The Sorcery Board's World Wide Web Home Page
  152. The Guide to Select BBS's on the Internet
  153. CTONLINE.IT (
  154. Telnet Flag Net Amiga BBS
  155. Telnet Galacticomm UNIX Demo System
  156. Telnet Grinning Evil Death
  157. Telnet The Grotto of Dreams
  158. Telnet G.L.O.B.I.E.
  159. Telnet LegacyNet
  160. Telnet Sir John's Pub BBS
  161. The Jargon Lexicon
  162. Up to deathmatch
  163. Games Domain - Games related information site
  164. The Patches Directory
  165. http://www.yahoo.com
  166. Club Web Platinum 100 Award Page Updated 11/29/95 5:43 PM EST
  168. Other Interesting Sites...
  169. RealAudio 2.0 Overview
  170. ICA Canada On-Line
  172. (The Spider's Web) The Spider's Pick of the Day