The Night We Never Kissed
By Aaron Bentley


I never told you that I loved you underneath the starry skies.
I never placed my loving lips upon your wrist.
I never started with longing straight into your shining emerald eyes.
It was the night we never kissed.

I never asked you to go out with me--I knew you'd never come.
We're friends, but you don't even know that I exist.
And even if you did, I'm pretty sure you'd think that I was dumb.
It was the night we never kissed.

Why did I hide my feelings, though
We were as close as note and rhyme?
I was afraid to make myself a fool and so,
I was so foolish, it's a crime.

I never talked to you or showed my care, I just await the day
When we both walk our separate ways into the mist.
I hope you don't pierce the persona of the eunich that I play.
It was the night we never kissed.

© Copyright 1996, 2000 Aaron Bentley. All Rights Reserved.

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