The Superficial Song

The Story
I've always strived to write meaningful songs. Even my ill-fated generic protest song was supposed to be meaningful. Certainly, "The Fishmonger Song" and "Play Me a Song" were meaningful, and they were this song's contemporaries. One night, I wanted to write a song, but I couldn't think of anything meaningful to write about.

Then, I thought, Why do I always have to write something meaningful? Haven't I done enough of that already? I'm sick of writing meaningful songs! I want to write a superficial one.

So I did.

The Song
It's as simple, as superficial as I get. Which is to say, not entirely. For example, it refers to feelings of insecurity: "'Cause if I play a sober song, it's ten to one I will go wrong. . ." The bit about not writing lyrics well is more of a Mad Magazine affectation. The song also mentions a phenomenon I'd observed at Spit Fridays. Some things which were pleasant and enjoyable in the context of the open stage would not hold up in other contexts. I phrased this as "What in the dark is sweet grows rancid in the light".

The structure is very simple, with the first line, fourth line, and portions of the third remaining constant throughout the verses. The song lacks a chorus, making it shorter and simpler. And, while it has a bridge, the bridge doesn't have real lyrics.

It's a fun song, quickly written.

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

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