Saga Tonite
By Aaron Bentley


Well, the meat isn't lean,
And it looks a bit green,
On my plate down at Saga tonight.
It's all covered with grime,
And the gravy is slime,
And it's really a sickening sight.

I reflect, as I coast,
That it's better than most,
This is really not such a bad night.
But when asked "how's the food?"
If I say that it's crude,
Then I'm being just far too polite.

So, my friend, choose with care
From the food over there,
And then pray on your knees you guess right.
But, my friend, if you choke,
Simply give me a poke,
And I'll heimlich you out of your plight.
You can cough up a lentil,
But do not go gentle
Into that macabre Saga night.

© Copyright 1995 Aaron Bentley. All Rights Reserved.

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

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