The Alligator Song
By Aaron Bentley


It's a year now since I got back to T.O.
Took a summer job I'd had a year ago.
You, again, were there,
With a different style of hair.
Did I guess a thing? Nah. How was I to know?

You and me, we really got along.
I thought that we never could go wrong.
How was I to tell
That you'd make my summer hell?
Just 'cause I came on a little strong?

When I asked you to a movie,
You said that it would be groovy.
Then, you kept your silence for a week.
I'd already been to your home.
I thought it couldn't hurt to phone.
I'm sorry that my boldness made you freak.

Well, I'll see you later, my alligator.
Won't forget your crocodile smile.
You were proud to be unique,
though goin goth had gotten chic,
But trust me alligator, you're a freak.

You acted like I was a robot from Intel,
And we didn't speak, we knew our jobs so well.
And I really hated work.
And I felt like such a jerk.
And the only thing I wanted was to yell!

© Copyright 1996 Aaron Bentley. All Rights Reserved.

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

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