Works Department


The Story
This song is based on a mondegreen; I was mentioning Jeff Stone's song "Worst Apartment" to Sam Larkin, and he misheard me. He thought I was saying "Works Department".

It took a while, but I turned that idea into a full-fledged parody of "Worst Apartment", and played it for Jeff at The Free Times, shortly after Jeff's birthday.

This is not the first time Worst Aparment has come in for special treatment; I've recorded a very alternate version: [ Worst Apartment mp3 | Worst Apartment Vorbis ]

"Worst Apartment in the City" is © Copyright Jeff Stone, All Rights Reserved. It appears by special arrangement. Very special.

The Song
It's a tight parody, both in concept and line-by-line. Many of the rhymes are the same as the original, and some lines are similar. Also the theme of "crappy job" is a pretty good match for the original theme of "crappy apartment".

Of course I can't take any credit for the music, though I do have my own style of performing the song. More like U2's "With or Without You" than Jeff's.

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