Masochist at Heart

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The Story
Ah, the crush. Such a small word for such a big deal.

The song lays it out pretty clearly, but the core of the song is frustration with crushes. Every so often I fall for a friend, and generally, I'm pretty sure she's not interested. She's ususally got a boyfriend, and he's often a friend too!

I once even started writing a country song called "Friends Who Just Want to Be Friends", but I figured it would probably just alienate my friend-girls, so I abandoned it.

I was an outcast, 'till I saw the light,
Got contacts, and followed the trends.
But I'm fed up with sleeping alone every night
I've got friends who just want to be friends
From "Friends Who Just Want to Be Friends"

I'm not sure whether "Masochist at Heart" is any safer than "Friends Who Just Want to Be Friends". I've never been caught writing a song about a girl-- there are some who know, but I've told them. (And there are some who don't know, even though I've told them!)

One of the problems in this scenario, and it's mentioned in verse two, is that you have to pretend that nothing's going on. And when your heart seems posessed with irrational feelings, this is not the easiest thing to do. Essentially, you wind up pretending to be yourself.

The Song
This is a punk song, which feels right to me. A good medium for expressing frustration. Plus, I'm often compared to Green Day (well, their singer at least), so I might as well go for it. Speaking of Green Day, I remembered they've got a song about masochism too-- "Blood, Sex and Booze".

The song has a fast tempo, and the rhythm of the guitar follows the rhythm of the vocals. The vocals are fast, with only the occasional stop.

The first verse is half the length of the other two because there didn't seem to be any more to say-- the verse meshed perfectly into the chorus.

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