Laundry And Lint

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The Story
For once, I think I really can name names. Dave Marcotte is the guy who was smart enough to write about Laundry. His throwaway song, "Where Do All The Squirrels Go When They Die", has become a favourite of mine and others. The title itself was a throwaway title and doesn't have a lot to do with the song!

The other name I'm going to name is Erika Werry, whose open stage used to have a semi-rule that you had to play a new song every two weeks. I used to joke to her that I'd wind up having to write about lint in order to meet that rule. I actually got as far as a chorus on the lint song, but I seriously doubt that I'll ever complete it.

For what it's worth, the only person I know who can make a hat (nifty or otherwise) is Tanya Hampshire's friend Jen. The lack of a last name should tell you just how well I know her, but what the hell. . .

There isn't the usual sort of story behind this song. It's not based on true events. But there is a story about this song.

It's my bedtime song. I wrote it over the past week a verse at a time, just before I went to sleep. It's also my second song in two weeks. Which, as I mentioned, doesn't often happen for me.

It's supposed to be silly, and it is. But it does have content, and that's mostly about writing songs, dreams and life.

The bit about not remembering dreams is literally true. I remember maybe one dream a year. I sleep deeply-- so deeply that I've been mistaken for unconscious-- and that may be why. I'd like remember my dreams more often. The one where they added streetcar service to my cottage was particularly bizarre. The symbolic implications, however intentional, are utterly false.

And the bit about the mutant fish is meant to poke fun at the notion that dreams are always full of symbolic import.

As for the quandry, no I can't make absolutely any question a quandry, but I do have a habit of making a big deal out of virtually any decision. And of course, I used "quandry" partly because it rhymes with "laundry".

The Song
I don't usually write the lyrics with no idea of the chords or melody. But here, I had a general idea that I wanted it to be bouncy. I could hear something in my head, so when I picked up my guitar, I immediately came up with something remarkably similar to what has become its final form.

Of course, I hadn't figured out a line length or rhyme scheme, and I was writing it near bedtime. So it's pretty darn loose. That's why verse 1 is missing a chord.

Originally, it didn't have chorus, but I liked the first verse, so I made it the chorus as well. Which means the chorus has the same melody as the verse. Blasphemy!

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

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