May 14 at The Free Times

Time & DateTuesday August 6 2002, 9:30-10:00

This was my first gig with any sort of band. I was playing as the feature at the Oasis open stage, where Animal and Jason Lapidus are a kind of "instant band". They'll perform with just about anyone, especially if chords are provided. They've performed with me a lot, so they know their way around my stuff, and we rehearsed the new song before the show.

Me on guitar, Jason on bass

I used the band to bookend the show with faster songs, and played four songs by myself in the middle. The band was with me on "The Alligator Song", "Wish I Were An Asshole", "Bring on the Rain", and "Good for you".

Animal on drums

The new song "Good For You" came off pretty well. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. People even danced. They gave me money too, which is always good to have.

Thanks to everyone who came, and thanks to my dad and step-mom for the pictures.

"Simon Katz" and "Graydon James" dancing
Dietrich Sider making it all sound good
Signe Miranda's classic over-the-shoulder pose
My step mom, Esther enjoying the show
Mike Audet and my dad look on
. . . . . . . . . . . . .

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