Music on-line

This page has been discontinued. The information below is now consolidated in the Songs section.

(MP3's have been eliminated because Microsoft made a mess of things with Media Player and Internet Explorer)

You can now listen to any of these songs online. The quality isn't as high as you'd get from one of my tapes, but that's probably for the best, eh? I still want you to buy the tapes!

The songs are posted in RealAudio and 28.8 MP3. RealAudio sounds crappier, but it's consistent. MP3 sounds better, but has glitches.

To listen, you'll need to snag the Real Player from (RealAudio), or WinAmp (MP3) from If you're using Windows Media Player for your MP3s, you're SOL.

Note that these are not full-quality MP3 files. They're compressed enough to slide down a 28.8 connection without much fuss. Make sure you have the latest copy of WinAmp for the best sound.

Lonely Streets (hi-fi recording)
The Fishmonger Song
The Alligator Song
In the Sighs
Play Me a Song
Wish I Were an Asshole (low-fi recording)
Lonely Streets (low-fi recording)

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