What it's for

Disk Use Tree is a tool that helps you keep track of which directories and files are hogging space.

How it works

DuTree displays directories as rectangles. The relative size of the rectangle is the relative size of the directory. The rectangles below a rectangle are the subdirectories of the top rectangle.

When you move your mouse over a directory rectangle, you can see its directory name and size. Clicking on a rectangle zooms in on that rectangle. Right-clicking on a rectangle zooms out one level. You can't zoom out further than where you started, yet.

There are three color modes:

Development Status

The current version is 0.4

DuTree is based on GNU du, so its calculations of directory sizes should be quite reliable. But its new functionality is still very new.

Downloading & compatibility

I have only tested DuTree on Debian Woody and Sarge. It may work on other Linux distributions, it may not. Be sure to install libgtkmm-dev if it is not already installed.

I'm making putting it up as a tarball, because programmers are probably the best audience right now. Type "make" to compile it. Type "make install" (as root) to install it.

dutree-0.4.tar.gz April 7, 2003 (59 K)

dutree-0.3.tar.gz February 9, 2003 (62 K)

dutree-0.2.tar.gz April 14, 2002 (187 K)

dutree-0.1.tar.gz April 12, 2002 (38 K)

There is also some Doxygen-generated Source code documentation.

DuTree is licensed under the Gnu General Public License.